Pure Loban Agarbatti 750 gm Incense Sticks

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FREEBIE : 50 gm Loban resin bar free with this product

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Key Feaures of Pure Natural Loban Agarbatti Incense sticks

  • Total 750 gm of pure natural loban agarbatti or incense sticks
  • Pack of 15 box each containing 50 gms of loban agarbattti
  • FREEBIE- Get 50 gms of Pure natural loban resin with this product 
  • Quality assured product from Elite Brand Agarbattis.
  • Loban Meaning- Loban is resin of a tree, Styrax benzoin. It is extracted by making an incision on the stem of the tree, the secreting liquid is collected, dried and sold for usage. Loban is also known as Sambrani in India.
  • Loban Dhoop- Loban Dhoop is another kind of incense with a mixture of herbs, floral parts and loban powder.
  • Loban Powder-  The fumigation of Loban Powder acts as a good insect repellent. It has qualities of an insecticide, is antiseptic and fights epidemics.
  • Note: This product or Loban powder is for Fumigation purpose only and should not be eaten or consumed in any form.

Elite Natural Pure Loban is the best energy purifier of Atmosphere. Use of Loban has spiritual and customary secret in India to elevate the energy level. From the times of Saints and Kings Loban are been used for fulfilling the rights and rituals. Sambrani is frequently used in religious ceremonies and is measured to have a great impact on cleansing and releasing the human body energy centers/ meridians. It is pure, clean and pleasing for cleansing weather you wish to clear a room or simply for cleaning your atmosphere. A study states that Loban helps in uplifting the inspiration and creativity. Benzoin can help provide psychic protection, wisdom, aids the memory, and helps ease depression.
While doing puja burn a Loban agarbatti and offer to divinity, upon the accomplishment of puja take incense sticks on your hand and spread it over all at your house and around you, it will remove all negative vibes and energy from around you. It also works as a natural pest repulsive.
Not only Loban is used in Hindu Culture, but it is also given same importance in Islamic Culture.

It is believed to be consist of medicinal benefits, it can relieves constipation and stomach pain. It has a capacity of healing wounds, sores of eyes. It also helps in linctus and decreases the production of mucus. If we daily burn Loban and sit in front of it and inhales the fragrance of Loban, it helps to enhance the memory power.