IRIS Amogha element of life Incense Sticks set of 8

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Fragrance : Frangipani, Sandal, Vetivert, Frankincense

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 Are you planning to Gift something unique to someone? Then, you are at the right place!  

 IRIS amogha Element Of Life Incense Gift Set of  8 Containing


  360 gm of Incense Sticks (45 gm x 8 variants)


  6.5 x 1.3 x 24.5 cm overall dimension


  Sandal, Vetiver,Frangipani and Frankincense

  Packing Type

  Rectangular Box



  • A Breathtaking range of aromatic experience.
  • Good product to Gift someone.
  • Best suited for any occasion.
  • Comes in a beautiful gift pack.
  • No need to purchase gift wrap.


Our element of life fragrance gift set is a great way to indulge your senses and give your home a magical feel. Our fragrance gift set is a great option to gift your loved ones on house warming & feastive occasions, which adds fragrance to your personal environment. 

In the goodness of its scent you will infused with the abundance of nature these aromatic ingredients combine to produce smooth, slow-burning incense. The result is a fresh and fragrant breath of conscious bliss. 

Incense Sticks  provide Fresh and Invigorating fragrance, it is anti depressant and can aid concentration. It has active ingredients that repel insects. Incense will purify your surroundings and to create a pleasant atmosphere. The eternal beauty and delicate sweet of scent radiates purity and freshness.

Incense magically wraps you in peace, joy and harmony.Start your day with these Incense sticks and cones.It calms the nerves and induces tranquility,making a person ready for prayers and poojan.We not use apply the dipping technique, thus creating non-toxic incense sticks, suitable for indoor use like in religious ceremonies, home and office, in prayer and meditation.

Sticks are widely used in Ashrams, Church, Mosques, Temples, Gurudwara, Yoga meditation classes, Spas, etc. It is believed that a puja with devotion can solve any problem. But, it is very important that all the rules set for pujas and rituals are followed properly for it to be fruitful.This treasured art of creating incense is handed down through generations and is as suited for use in homes and work places as in temples.


Available in Element of life Vetiver(Earth), Sandal(Fire), Frangipani(Water) and Frankincense(Air) fragrance 


  • Vetivert is rich earthy fragrance is often referred to as the oil of tranquility.
  • It has the ability to endure cool and nourish, the body, mind and spirit.
Element of life EARTH. This is where life begins and ends. The fragrance of VETIVERT help us feel the earth under our feet, and reconnect us with the universal truths.



  • Frankincense has the ability to calm and centre the mind and to cease agitation and worry.
  • It is a perfect aid for meditation.

Element of life AIR. Is the greatest of life forces with no boundaries. The fragrance of FRANKINCENSE encourages our spirit to soar, freeing us from the mundane, and makes us aware of our inner light.



  • Sandalwood or “Chandana” is used in Ayurveda, an Indian natural healing tradition. 
  • Aromatic Sandalwood Incense will release natural antiseptics into the air.
  • Breathing in the aromatic smoke from a Sandalwood incense can help to lift melancholy and promote restful sleep.
  • Sandalwood stimulates the base (Seventh) Chakra, improving self identity and trust. 
  • In the Ayurvedic healing tradition, it promotes energy and enthusiasm, increasing your self­-esteem and zest.
Element of life Fire. It gives warmthand also destroys. Treat it with respect and balance. The fragrance of SANDAL creates a balance and keep you close to your divine essence.


  • Frangipani is rich heady fragrance is believed to restore inner peace and harmony.
  • Frangipani’s nature is to remind us of our soul’s infinite journey.
Element of life WATER. It flows, perpetually, signifying the endless forces of creation. Water finds resonance with the fragrance of FRANGIPANI whose nature is toremind us of our soul's infinite journey.

What You Get - Excellent Feedback Customer Service, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Benefits of including Aromatherapy into Your Life

  • Help increase alertness, invigoration and feeling motivated.
  • Help alleviate stress is through aromatherapy, soothe your mind, body, and soul.
  • Aromatic scented oils are highly concentrated; you will inhale milder like an air freshener or even perfume.
  • The person breathes in these potent oils, the olfactory receptors signal positive emotions to the brain.
  • Breathing the smells in deeply through the nose can help people feel calmer and more at peace.
  • The scents travel through the nose and to nerves in the brain's limbic system; it helps control emotions and feelings.
  • Smelling the potent oils, the brain triggers positive feelings, there by relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Used for this form of stress relief that will help you feel relaxed and ready for a new day.

Direction for Use

  • Light the tip of Incense sticks Cones till ignites with a flame.
  • Extinguish flame.
  • Place Incense Sticks/Cones in the holder provided,such that the ash collects inside.



  • Keep burning the Sticks/Cones away from Flammable materials.
  • Ensure that ash shall fall on heat resistance surface only.
  • Never leave burning incense unattended.
  • Incense holder will get hot when used.
  • Place the it on a heat resistant surface away from flammable materials.
  • Do not place in a windy area.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Incense should not be ingested.


Note:  High temperatures or direct sunlight can cause oxidation of the incense surface and loss of incense scent. Store in a cool and dry place.