Balaji Holiday Dhoop Premium Sticks 800 gm

Product Code : DB6807BBA40

Rs. 520 Rs. 500 ( % Off )

Warranty : 10 days replacement warranty

Fragrance : Soothing and relaxing aroma

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Key Features of Balaji Holiday Premium Wet Dhoop Batti

  • Wet Dhoop batti madde of Pure Natural ingredients 
  • Total 800 gm dhoopbatti in pack of 8
  • Premium Quality fragrance
  • Quality assured product from Balaji Agarbathi Co. known for its unique scents and fragrances
  • Good for Daily household and Office use.
  • Tradition, quality and refinement are the key words behind the balaji dhoop. India has a rich tradition of dhoop and incense making that goes back millennia.

  • Many Indian dhoops and incenses have a unique scent that is not found in any other part of the globe. A uniform and codified system of dhoop and incense making first began in India.

  • Although Vedic texts mention the use of dhoop for making odors and creating a pleasurable smell, the modern system of organized dhoop making was likely created by the medicinal priests of the time.

  • Thus, modern, organized incense making is intrinsically linked to the ayurvedic medical system in which it is rooted. 

  • Dhoop batti has Generous and subtle aromas with earthy and woody notes that lingers on, for an intense moment of savouring and relaxation.