Sea Shell shaped aroma candle with Vanilla fragrance White Color

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Burn Time : 20 Hours

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 Introducing IRIS Aromatic Sea Shell Candle/ Diya Gift Pack 

 The beautiful Sea Shell Diya/Candle fits for any room's or festival decor like Diwali, Dusshera, Christmas, wedding, events, aromatherapy, spa, reiki, meditation, bathroom setting, thanks giving day,  new years day and more.
 A Gift Pack Containing

Pack Contents

  1 x Scented Sea Shell Candle


  Vanilla Fragrance


   Candle: Natural essential oils, Non-toxic wax blends

   Wick: Pure Cotton and German lead-free


   Crafted Sea Shell



Burning Time

   20 Hours


   Overall dimension: 139 x 103 x 60 mm

Net Weight

   330 gm

  • A Breathtaking range of 20 Hours aromatic experience.
  • Smokeless, drip less and dispense aroma till its end.
  • Exquisitely handcrafted to suit any occasion.
  • Can be placed anywhere.
  • No fire, no ash, truly maintenance free.
  • Safe fragrance product.
  • Comes in a beautiful gift pack.
  • No need to purchase gift.


Available in Vanilla Fragrance

  • Slightly more neutral scent, pleasing everyone.
  • Sweet aroma conjures up fond memories of summer days eating ice cream and delicious home baked goods.
  • Perfect scent for date night.
  • Mood Uplifting: An aroma that lifts your mood and wellness.
  • Relaxant: Transform the feelings for the ultimate relaxation
  • Warm resinous fragrance is long lasting and safe to inhale.
  • Soothing and comforting.
  • Luxury Fragrance can help treat several diseases.

What You Get - Excellent Feedback Customer Service, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

 Multi-Purpose candles for indoor and outdoor use, in the study room, living room, enjoy relax time with plentiful natural plant aromatic molecules.

 Place the candle inside your room, bask and office to relieve working stress, refresh spirit, stimulate imagination and creativity. 

 Place candle in your backyard, patio dining, gardening, picnics, campsite and family reunions inside or outside your home to prevent hazards and enjoy a peaceful night.       


Aroma Diyas or candles are an easiest and elegant way to adds fragrance to your personal environment.

Aroma candles are made with essential oils and have aroma therapeutic properties. That is to say, aroma candles are made for holistic therapeutic care — for providing well-being to the body, mind, and spirit.

Our candles are crafted by combining a blend of finest fragrance oils, wax blends and German lead-free pure cotton wicks. Each candle is hand-poured by artisans for a faultless finish.

The aroma from a lighted scented candle is released through the evaporation of the fragrance from the hot wax pool and from the solid candle itself. Like unscented candles, properly-formulated scented candles will primarily produce water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned.


Candles with aromatherapy properties

  • Aromatherapy is a curative that people have, for centuries, used to gain energy, relieve stress, enhance concentration, and manage pain.
  • The fragrances of essential oils are emanated in order to stimulate the senses. Some aromas can even lower systolic blood pressure.
  • Basically, aroma candles are used, not just for their pleasant fragrances, but also for their ability to change our mood — to help us feel good
  • Help alleviate stress is through aromatherapy, soothe your mind, body, and soul.
  • Aromatic scented oils are highly concentrated; you will inhale milder like an air freshener or even perfume.
  • The person breathes in these potent oils, the olfactory receptors signal positive emotions to the brain.
  • Breathing the smells in deeply through the nose can help people feel calmer and more at peace.
  • The scents travel through the nose and to nerves in the brain's limbic system; it helps control emotions and feelings.
  • Smelling the potent oils, the brain triggers positive feelings, there by relieving stress, anxiety, increased alertness, invigoration and you will feeling motivated.
  • Used for this form of stress relief that will help you feel relaxed and ready for a new day.


Direction for use

  • Open the package and take out the candle, then light candle.
  • You can use the storage container after the wax runs out of.
  • We select the perfect wick type for each specific fragrance and candle type, which ensures that our candles burn for longer hours than average candles.
  • Please do not blow out candle directly.
  • When not use, use toothpick or tweezers to put candle core into the candle wax.
  • After extinguished, righting the wick.
  • High temperatures or direct sunlight can cause oxidation of the candle surface and loss of candle scent.


  • Inflammable.
  • Place the candle away from inflammable objects or not on anything that can catch fire.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Should not be ingested.



  • Do not light the candle without being left unattended
  • Place the lighted candle away from kids and pet.
  • When there is two or more lighted candles, keep the distance above 4 inch / 10 cm.
  • Make sure the candle is not in a ventilated place when it is burning. Wind can make the candle burn unevenly, thus reducing the life of the candle.