IRIS Coral Blue Fragrance Vapouriser FV0002CU

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Warranty : 10 Days replacement warranty

Fragrance : Coral blue

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Introducing Exquisitely Crafted Luxury Home Fragrance Gift Set from IRIS LUXIA

A Gift Set Containing                               


Artistic Ceramic Vaporizer jar dual tone white base

2  x  Tealights

15 ml of Vaporizer Fragrance Oil


10.8 x 10.8 x 21.5 cm Overall dimension


Coral Blue


25-30 days


Vaporizer: White base dual tone blue

Tealight: Blue color

 A Breathtaking range of aromatic experience.

  • Good product to Gift someone.
  • Best suited for any occasion.
  • Can be placed anywhere.
  • No fire, no ash, truly maintenance free.
  • Comes in a beautiful gift pack.
  • No need to purchase gift wrap.

Available in Coral Blue fragrance

  • Like a Breezer that Wafts Gently.
  • Bringing with it the scent of the sea: Clean, Cool, and Invigorating.
  • Luxury Fragrance also guarantees relief from anxiety, depression and stress.
  • A whiff of enchanting fragrance and your heart and mind is crammed with positive energy.
     Our fragrance gift set is a great option to gift your loved ones on house warming & festive occasions. And it also looks pretty ethnic when kept in the room, and is not an eye sore at all.

Vaporizers are a great way to fragrance your home while adding a decorative touch to it.  It is a great way to indulge your senses and give your home a magical feel.

Vaporizer provides Fresh and Invigorating fragrance, it is anti depressant and can aid concentration. It has active ingredients that repel insects.

Best way to enhance beauty of your home and office decor like spa, reiki, meditation, bathroom setting, aromatherapy, in the study room, living room, enjoy relax time with plentiful natural plant aromatic molecules.

Place Vaporizer in your backyard, patio dining, gardening, picnics, campsite, and family reunions inside or outside your home to prevent hazards and enjoy a peaceful night. 

Benefits of including Aromatherapy into Your Life:

  • Help increase alertness, invigoration and feeling motivated.
  • Help alleviate stress is through aromatherapy, soothe your mind, body, and soul.
  • Aromatic scented oils are highly concentrated; you will inhale milder like an air freshener or even perfume.
  • The person breathes in these potent oils, the olfactory receptors signal positive emotions to the brain.
  • Breathing the smells in deeply through the nose can help people feel calmer and more at peace.
  • The scents travel through the nose and to nerves in the brain's limbic system; it helps control emotions and feelings.
  • Smelling the potent oils, the brain triggers positive feelings, there by relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Used for this form of stress relief that will help you feel relaxed and ready for a new day.
Direction for Use:
  • Half fill the bowl on the top of the fragrance vaporizer with water.
  • Add 4 to 5 drops of vaporizer oil to the water.
  • Place the tealight in the space provided at the base of the vaporizer.
  • Light the tealight.
  • On heating, the fragrance spreads in 5 min.
  • Tealight can be extinguished once the bowl is empty.
  • Fragrance vaporizer will get hot when used.
  • Place the vaporizer on a heat resistant surface away from flammable materials.
  • Do not place in a windy area.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Oil not for body application and should not be ingested.
  • Never leave the burner unattended.
  • Use only non-toxic candles for safety.
  • Inflammable.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.                                                 

What You Get - Excellent Feedback Customer Service, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Decorative Ceramic pot can be reused our available refill packs.

Note Spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid staining.